Julie Ritch Psychologist Children Adolescents Adults

At some point in our lives we may feel overwhelmed, and may feel unable to cope with life’s challenges that can seem beyond our control. Finding a professional who can help is an important step forward.

Julie Ritch is a Clinical Psychologist who has an established private practice in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. With 20 years experience gained from having worked with children, young people and adults in a variety of settings such as hospitals, community health, schools and private practice. She provides assessment and therapy for a wide range of emotional, behavioural and social difficulties experienced by Children, Adolescents, Adults and their families.

The idea of discussing personal issues can seem challenging. Julie is committed to ensuring her clients feel comfortable and at ease with a friendly engaging manner. Evidence-based therapy is provided in a confidential, supportive and professional environment, ensuring that treatment is tailored to a clients specific issues and needs.

Julie will work with you to deal with the challenges you face to achieve your individual goals, providing opportunity for self-awareness, learning of new skills, growth and change.

Some of the more common issues people seek help for are:

Parenting difficulties
Child Behaviour problems
Social Skill Difficulties

Peer/relationship issues
Assertiveness training
Confidence and Self esteem
Adjustment difficulties
Relationship development
Grief and Loss
Resilience building